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My Journey

Hi, I'm Louise. The founder of Light After Loss.

​My journey in finding The Grief Recovery Method® began after a cascade of losses, the ending of a long-term romantic relationship, and the death of my two beautiful dogs. I felt lost in the world, I felt immense pain, anger and sadness and along with all of those roller-coaster of emotions I suffered from crippling anxiety following the trauma of the death of my dogs. I thought to myself "no one prepared me for grief", the physical and emotional effects it had on me were profound, I often asked myself "how long is this pain going to last?"

​After endless hours of internet searches I stumbled across The Grief Recovery Method® website, I felt compelled to sign up to become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist®  I wanted to learn how to help myself and then others through the heartache of loss. During my training, I was guided step by step through this amazing program and I had the ability to heal so much of my unresolved grief from some very intense losses that I had experienced in my life.


I have also undergone additional training as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®, Certified by the Grief Recovery Institute that enables me to support clients in an online setting.


You can have a bright future when you process your unresolved grief

My Vison

My vision is to help people all over the world to understand that grief and loss is a normal part of our human experience.  I want to help people journey through grief and loss so their future experiences are not impacted by hurt.

My goal is to normalise grief and the process of healing your heart after a loss.

“Overcoming grief, you can’t go over, under or around it, you must go through it”


How I Can Help You

 Grief Recovery Specialist®

Following my healing experience with The Grief Recovery Method®, I knew I had to provide a service for those struggling.

I have a number of options including 1 on 1 support, an 8-week program and other options available. If you are feeling stuck please reach out via the options below to arrange a friendly, informal chat.

one on one grief support program
Pet Loss Online Support Group
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