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Grief Support Group

An Online Group Program To Heal Your Heart

Grief support in a group setting can be comforting

When experiencing grief or loss, the feeling of loneliness can be unbearable. This is why I facilitate 6-8 week programs for those grieving to journey through the Grief Recovery Method® together.

During this program we will:

  • Have weekly online Zoom video sessions

  • You will have weekly reading and homework assignments

  • Learn and gain knowledge, tools and skills that you can access throughout your life


This program aims to help those grieving to understand that the emotions you are feeling are completely normal. Whether it's a loss of a loved one, pet loss, divorce, job loss, moving, loss of health, loss of safety, loss of trust, friendship or romantic relationship loss the community aspect and group support of this program is life changing for many.


The grief support group program will cover the following topics:


  • Grief misinformation

  • Myths about grief

  • Grief relieving behaviours 

  • Unresolved grief and incompleteness 

  • Grief recovery components

  • Grief discovery to completion

Evidence Based Grief Recovery Program

A Proven Solution


The  Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence based method to help those experiencing grief deal with the emotional pain in a safe and helpful way. The Grief Recovery Method® has been tried and tested with countless success stories.

For centuries people have suffered grief with no education or specialised services to turn to. Thanks to the Grief Recovery Method® people now have the tools, education and support to deal with life's toughest experiences.

Is The Grief Recovery Support Program For Me?

Being part of a group and hearing others open their hearts about their loss helps us to feel safe to open our hearts and to speak about our own experiences with grief or loss. A special bond is created within the group and in turn, is empowering for us to take responsibility for how we’ll move forward in life in spite of the brutal things that have caused us emotional pain. Walking through fear is a small price to pay for recovery.

Please do not hesitate to book a support call with me to discuss more. You can also leave a question in the question box below.

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