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Begin Your Journey To Healing

Recovering From
Grief & Loss

Recovery is about becoming emotionally complete and beginning the next phase of your life with a fresh perspective. The process of grief recovery could be described as not dragging "unfinished business" into the next phase of your life.

Grief recovery does not mean you will no longer miss your loved one or feel sad. It is important to remember that the pain you feel regarding a loss does not have to be "the new normal" for your life.


At Light After Loss, I will walk you through the Grief Recovery Method®. This is an evidence-based, action-oriented, time-proven approach that aids healing in a safe environment.

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Who is Louise Griffey?

Grief Recovery Specialist®

Louise is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® and the founder of Light After Loss.

​Following an intense experience of grief, Louise quickly realised that specialised support services were not readily available. Louise stumbled across the Grief Recovery Method® and found a new sense of peace which led her to train as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®.

​Since her training, Louise has helped people with many different loss experiences. Louise’s clients have learned the tools to work on what is still painful and holding them back and they are then gently guided to say goodbye to that pain.

All Kinds of Loss Matter

You cannot and should not try to forget the past, but you can recover from a loss

and have a fulfilling and joyful life.

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Pet Loss

The loss of a pet is widely underrated. Pets for some people are their family and their passing can have a profound impact on all members of a household

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Job Loss

A job loss is a very significant loss for many. With this can come a loss of stability, community and direction. I can guide you through this.

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Death Of Loved One

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest pains we will face in life. A proven grief recovery process is life changing for many in the face of grief.

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Health Loss

The loss of health or physical movement is a scary and difficult time. This grief is like any other loss. Contact me below to find out more about my services.

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Relationship Loss

Love is one of the purest human emotions. When suffering a relationship loss we can feel a loss of identity and intense sadness. Let us help you see the light again.

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Adults Helping Children Through Loss

Children experience loss too. It is so important as adults that we teach children the tools to deal with their emotions to allow them to fully grow and learn through this time.

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A Personal Pet Loss

Pet Loss Recovery Specialist

Pet loss is one of the most underrated losses a human can experience. For many, our pets are our family and best friends so losing them can leave a profound sense of emptiness in our lives.

​This loss is often not appreciated by those who have never had a connection with an animal and therefore this experience can be a very lonely time.

​I experienced the depths of this pain in 2019 after my two precious dogs died suddenly. The grief I experienced felt never-ending and extremely painful. Thankfully I found the Grief Recovery Method® which helped me through this time and now I can help others.

​If you are experiencing grief from losing a beloved pet please don't hesitate to reach out. It's the best decision I ever made.




"Louise is an incredibly empathetic and supportive guide at navigating loss, grief and has a gentle yet powerful ability to equip you with the tools to support yourself through any type of loss you may be feeling..."

I felt very privileged to be part of a small group of other women who shared their own losses with me. I looked forward to our Monday night meetings and felt that I was in a safe place with people I could trust and who listened to me with compassion and without judgement."

"Louise is extremely kind, gentle,insightful,supportive and understanding. Working with her was an absolute pleasure. She made the whole process easy to understand and achievable."

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"Without action, there can be no change”


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