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About Me

Hi, I’m Louise, the founder of Light After Loss. 
My journey to becoming a ​Grief Recovery Method® specialist began when I went through a series of devastating losses, including the death of my two beautiful dogs and the end of a long-term romantic relationship. 
At the time, I felt completely lost and isolated. I was confused, angry, sad and felt devastating pain from those losses. 
Along with those difficult emotions, I suffered from crippling anxiety following the trauma of the death of my dogs. I thought to myself, "No one prepared me for grief." The physical and emotional effects it had on me were profound. I often asked myself, "How long is this pain going to last?"


I was desperate to find answers and to stop feeling the way I did. It was having a real impact on my life and while I did attend therapy, I found I needed more specific help in relation to pet loss. 


​After endless hours of internet searches, I stumbled across The Grief Recovery Method® website. I felt compelled to sign up and become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist® as  I wanted to learn how to help myself and then others through the heartache of loss. 


This amazing program not only guided me through healing my recent losses but also gave me the ability to heal so much of my unresolved grief from some very intense losses that I had experienced throughout my life.


My Journey

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A short 


The Light After Loss Mission & Vision

My mission is to use my training, passion and experience to support others through the heartbreaking experience of pet loss. 


It’s important to remember that grief, while experienced by so many, can feel different to everyone. At Light After Loss, I aim to create an inclusive, welcoming space for pet parents alike to access various resources and levels of support. 


So many pet parents struggle after the loss of their beloved animal companion, feeling they can’t speak about it. By providing up-to-date, evidence-based information using the Grief Recovery Method®, I want to open up the conversation around pet loss in our society.

Training & Certification

  • Grief Recovery Method Specialist® certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

  • Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist® certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

  • Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate from the University of Vermont. 

  • Professional Certificate in Loss and Grief (Levels 1,2,3 & 4) from the Shapes of Grief award-winning training programme.

Begin your journey to healing through specialised pet loss support.
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