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Losing your pet is a heartbreaking experience like no other. You may be faced with difficult decisions that need to be made quickly. It’s important to know that there is specialised support available. 


Through my work at Light After Loss, I’m fortunate to connect with other businesses in the industry to recommend and refer clients if they need extra support outside of my expertise. 


I’m proud to partner with three incredible, caring and compassionate Pet Crematoriums throughout Ireland. 


Each premises has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and provides dedicated individual cremation services.

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Donegal Pet Crematorium Logo.png

Peaceful Paws.

Based in Ennis, Co.Clare, Peaceful Paws offers pet cremation in a welcoming setting for bereaved pet parents. Amy and her team are true animal lovers who offer compassionate and dedicated support to each person and pet who enters through their door. 


With a separate goodbye room for you to spend your final moments with your pet, Peaceful Paws offers a respectful, supportive service that will give your pet the send-off they deserve.

Resting Pets.

Located in Tramore, Co.Waterford, with another premises in Cork, Resting Pets is a family-run business providing individual pet cremation for pet parents in Ireland. 


With emergency out-of-hours and pet collection services available, they promise to treat your pet with the same care that you have throughout their life. They are a very caring and compassionate team with a deep understanding of the devastation of pet loss.

Donegal Pet Crematorium.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Inch Island, Co.Donegal, Donegal Pet Crematorium offers a range of services and bespoke plans to suit your own unique needs. 


The team provide pet collection and individual pet cremation services where they treat your pet with the utmost respect, dignity and care that they deserve.

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The Pet Loss Journal Prompts Guide.

A powerful first step you can take today in your grief recovery journey is to write down your thoughts and feelings. 
Journaling is known for its therapeutic properties and is an actionable step you can build into your daily routine as you navigate the difficult emotions associated with pet loss. 

Download your Free Pet Loss Journal Prompts Guide below to get started. 

The Pet Loss Journals

The Pet Loss Journals Podcast is a space where I share extracts from my personal journal to create conversations around the sensitive topic of pet loss grief. 

Part of my journey through pet loss involved a lot of journaling and self-reflection. Now, I share those pieces of my journey on this podcast to let other pet parents know they’re not alone. 
Listen below to learn more & listen.

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