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The Pet Loss Journals Podcast

A simple act of self-care with boundless benefits.

While we often hear the phrase “time heals all wounds,” especially when we’re grieving. It’s a statement that is simply untrue. 


Time doesn’t heal; it passes. Our actions are what help us to heal and grow through our grief. Acts of self-care are incredibly powerful following pet loss to ensure you’re looking after yourself and allowing yourself to process what has happened.

Self-care can look like many different things, including: 


  • Setting boundaries

  • Exercise and spending time in nature

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Enjoying a hobby

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

Picking a self-care activity that is important to you will create space for you

to begin to approach your grief and find your way on the path to grief recovery.

The Power of Journaling.

Journaling is known for its therapeutic benefits. There’s a reason it’s so often recommended as a regular practice. 


The physical act of writing down your feelings can help you begin to understand and process how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. 


During my personal experience with pet loss, I turned to pen and paper to make sense of what was happening to me. Writing down my experience was an eye-opening activity. It helped me to reflect on the situation of losing my two beautiful dogs and understand why certain feelings were coming up.


Journaling became so important to me that I set up the Pet Loss Journals Podcast and created the accompanying Pet Loss Journal Prompts Guide as a free printable download for any pet parent who needs it. 

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"Louise is able to personally connect with the listener and to help listeners feel not along in grief. I became hooked on the podcast from the very first listen."

The Pet Loss Journals Podcast 

The Pet Loss Journals Podcast is a space where I share extracts from my personal journal to create conversations around the sensitive topic of pet loss grief. 


Part of my journey through pet loss involved a lot of journaling and self-reflection. Now, I share those pieces of my journey on this podcast to let other pet parents know they’re not alone. Your grief is completely valid. Pet loss can feel all-consuming, isolating, and confusing, but it doesn’t always have to feel that way. 


Listen below to learn more about the topic of pet loss grief and how you can begin to heal.

The Pet Loss Journals Patreon Community


To delve further into specific topics and aspects of pet loss, I created The Pet Loss Journals Patreon community. 


With regular bonus podcast episodes and live pet loss support calls, this is a space for further conversations and insights into topics such as:

  • Guilt after pet loss

  • Ways to regulate your nervous system

  • Anticipatory grief

  • Assessing your inner circle


Join the Patreon community below for access to all content today.

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The Pet Loss Journal Prompts Guide.

A powerful first step you can take today in your grief recovery journey is to write down your thoughts and feelings. 


Journaling is known for its therapeutic properties and is an actionable step you can build into your daily routine as you navigate the difficult emotions associated with pet loss. 

Download your Free Pet Loss Journal Prompts Guide below to get started. 

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