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Frequently Asked

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Why does pet loss hurt so much?


The death of a pet often produces incredibly powerful and complex emotions. These emotions are completely normal but society’s treatment of the grieving pet owner is not. A pet that has died is often treated as a discounted loss or as not being important enough. The closest thing to unconditional love we ever perceive is what we experience with our pets. 


Society continues to dismiss the feelings of pet parents who are grieving. The depth of emotional pain we experience after pet loss is directly related to the power of that relationship in our lives. All grief is experienced at 100% but the deep grief experienced by some pet owners is beyond what some others can understand. 


What is the Grief Recovery Method®? 


The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence-based, action-oriented, time-proven approach to identify and begin to process the feelings that keep you stuck. It’s a once-per-week online meeting that gives you the tools, space, and support to work through and release the pain of pet loss. 


There are two options available depending on your preference. The Pet Loss Support Group Program brings together a group of pet parents experiencing a similar situation to connect, learn and begin their journey of grief recovery together. The 1:1 Pet Loss Support Program is for those who prefer a more private, individual setting. Each program goes through the same method over the course of 6 weeks.  


How is the Grief Recovery Method® different to therapy? 


The Grief Recovery Method® is a series of steps specifically designed to help you recover from major loss within a set time frame. Unlike traditional therapy, The Grief Recovery Method® comes with a pre-established framework, a distinct focus on grief, and a limited number of meetings.


What does it mean to recover from grief? 


Some people think recovering from grief means “getting over it” or forgetting about it. That’s simply not true. To recover from grief means to begin to process the difficult, complex emotions you feel so you can, in time, begin to enjoy memories of your pet without it being so painful. It also means you understand that feelings associated with grief will come up again but it doesn’t have to hold you back, as you will have learned the tools to use to move through it. 


Can you experience grief before a loss happens? 


It is possible to start grieving while your pet is still alive. This is commonly known as anticipatory grief. Anticipatory grief can occur if you are caring for an ill or elderly pet and thinking about life without them, even when they’re still here. It is an understandable and perfectly normal response. 


Pet loss support is particularly beneficial during this time, as we will create a safe, confidential environment for you to discuss how you are feeling and learn practical tools and techniques you can use. 


Talking openly with your vet about the situation to understand exactly what’s happening is also helpful, as is spending quality time with your pet to create positive memories to cherish. 

"Louise, I found your Webinar absolutely wonderful and very helpful indeed. It was lovely to connect with you and the others in attendance"
"Louise was so supportive and understanding. I was able to express my grief in a safe way"
"Louise, I stumbled upon your podcast series today. It has been bringing such comfort to me."

Pet Loss Support Services.

Grief is a deeply unique experience.

No matter where you are in your grief journey, support is available to guide you on your way.

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