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Pet Loss Workshops.

You can heal from grief and look back on painful memories with love.

Pet loss is a powerful and painful experience. It can be confusing and distressing as you navigate through complicated emotions. 


You may think you have to simply get on with it but by opening your mind and learning about grief itself, you can begin to process your experience. 


By taking action, you give yourself the opportunity to move forward. 


The following workshops were recorded to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to confidently approach your grief and take the first step in helping yourself to heal.

Journey Through Grief:
Pet Loss Workshop


Pet loss grief is a unique experience that deserves recognition. There are a lot of myths and unhelpful narratives surrounding the topic that can make it difficult for pet parents to really process what has happened after their pet has died. 


This workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge and information you need as you begin your journey through grief. 


Over the course of this 45-minute session, we will cover topics such as: 


  • Understanding pet loss

  • Unhelpful narratives around pet loss

  • Replacement does not equal grieving

  • How do I grieve my pet?

  • Processing the pain of pet loss


Enjoy a final pet loss meditation to complete the session and ground yourself in this moment with the accompanying pet loss journal prompts. 


Remember, the first step to healing is often the hardest, but by watching this workshop, you’ve already started your journey.


Cost: €49.99

Finding Peace:

Healing from Pet Loss Guilt


Feelings of guilt during pet loss are common. Many pet parents experience this depending on the circumstances surrounding the loss of their pet. 


It’s one of the most common areas of pet loss that is often not discussed. You may feel that you have failed your pet in some way or that you did not have the chance to say goodbye. This is completely understandable and valid. 


However, there are ways that you can begin to process this grief and move through it. 


During the course of this workshop, we will cover topics such as: 


  • Understanding pet loss guilt

  • Coping strategies: techniques for managing and overcoming pet loss guilt

  • Self-compassion and forgiveness

  • Honouring your pet's memory

  • Moving forward: embracing life after pet loss guilt


The session concludes with a peaceful meditation you can use as a practical tool to begin to connect with yourself and your feelings. 


As part of this workshop, you also receive access to a special journal prompt guide to use alongside this session. 


Cost: €49.99


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